Dumas COVID-19 Update

The Coronavirus is having an impact on Dumas businesses and the components of the community.  A new quality of life with different behaviors is at hand and no one person or group is responsible for the changes. 

It is important that parents monitor the conduct of their children while they are out of school.  If necessary, a daytime curfew will be invoked. Citations will be issued for unlawful acts and especially those committed during the operation of a vehicle.  The safety and health of all citizens remains a number one priority. 

If you are a small business owner, and you have been negatively affected by the Coronavirus situation, there is an information packet that can be used to apply for assistance. You may pick it up at the city hall using the drive through window.

The Dumas City Hall remains open for business but all persons are to use the drive through.  If there are concerns or problems, you can call 382-2121. The community center is closed and most businesses have limited inside visits. Food venues should be providing takeout orders only. 

Remember, if you are experiencing any symptoms of the virus call your doctor for directives.  Do not go to work.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted by the situation. We will be providing daily and/or weekly updates about COVID-19 to you. We hope that you find this interesting and informative.


Mayor Simon