The Legacy Center in West Dumas Make ‘Love and Financial’ Deposits and Advance REDI

In Second Half of 2020, The Legacy Center in West Dumas Make ‘Love and Financial’ Deposits and Advance REDI—Rural Economic Develop Innovation with $300,000+ in Food Distribution, Jobs, Educational and Recreational Programs

Since Juneteenth (June 19th 2020), Dumas has received many compliments and thousands of social media positive ‘likes and reviews’ for the 1000+ persons who were provided love and a food distribution to all persons who showed up. As the photo’s here reveal, hundreds of cars lined up and boxes of fresh food and dairy was loaded as the citizens of Dumas drove through. Food is distributed to all citizens who desire.  Many are signing up to be on the bi-weekly or weekly distribution list. 

The next GoFresh Food Distribution is set for Thursday, July 2, at 1pm.  (710 Meador Drive which is directly behind Mad Butcher.) 

Persons who have signed up will be served and new persons are welcome to come by and receive the GoFresh distribution of produce and dairy (while quantities last).  

Pictured here are leaders who attended from the city and also is GoFresh USA representative, Nathan Miller along with Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr. Nathan Miller stated that Dumas got an A+ for our distribution work and that there’s more coming to our city and region based on the need and operational excellence. This distribution was held at the REDI Backbone Partner’s location, ASC Property Management, located at 710 Meador Drive (which is directly behind Mad Butcher.)  It was the first of two distributions that have brought in the first $50,000 in food distribution ahead of another $250,000—$300,000 that will be distributed by the end of the summer.  

Officers from The College of Aspiring Artists, the REDI leadership team, city employees, county employees were on site  along with volunteers from ASC Property Management, HMC, City P.R.I.D.E, Positive Results in Dumas, Everyday, joining force with THE LEGACY CENTER to help organize and distribute the food.  

Big thanks to Mayor Simon, Clerk Shelly and all the city and county leaders and volunteers who are on board with REDI—

Rural Economic Development Innovation!

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